Universal Studios Orlando

2 Miles from Days Inn Orlando!

Universal Orlando consists of two theme parks, Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure, as well as Citywalk Night Time Entertainment complex.

Citywalk – You walk through Citywalk to get to either of the two theme parks. Head to the right to get to Universal Studios and to the left for Islands of Adventure. Most all of the restaurants, bars, and of course the MultiPlex Theatres are open during the day. Many bars have happy hour(s) from 3pm to 7pm with half price drinks but, Citywalk comes alive at night with people coming after the parks close and a large local crowd from Orlando. There is no charge to enter Citywalk but some bars do charge a cover charge after 8pm. You can pay per bar or club, or purchase a, 'Party Pass' for about $12.00 which gives access to all for that night. There is a $12.00 parking charge during the day but after 6pm parking is free! Expect large crowds on Friday and Saturday night.

Leaving the parks – You can leave either park and return - Just be sure to get your hand stamped on the way out and hold on to your ticket.

Lockers – Lockers are available - All day access is $8.00.

Smoking – Universal Orlando does not allow smoking in lines and has designated smoking areas throughout the parks. Florida Law prohibits smoking in all restaurants.

Parking – Parking is $12.00 per day - Free after 6pm. Parking is done in 2 larger parking garages with 90% covered parking. Parking areas are divided into sections such as, Jaws, King Kong, Jurassic Park, etc. It is best to remember your section to make finding your car easier. Handicapped parking is available close to the front entrance - just follow the signs.

Directions from Days Inn Orlando- Take I-4 West to 74B, Turn right on first traffic light (Hollywood Way) and head strait ahead to the parking garages.